3242 Research Way Carson City, Nevada         (775) 882-8686
Why join Eagle Fitness?

Why choose Eagle Fitness over the other Gyms?... One word, FAMILY. This is what you become when you join Eagle Fitness. We don't nickle & dime, hit you with late fees or come after you with collections. We work with you because your Family. Take a look at all the other gym websites. They reek of Big, Cold, Cookie Cutter Corporations. Not us! We are family owned for more than 15 years and answer to no corporate big wigs. With over 10,000 Square Feet and more than 100 pieces of equipment, we are one of the biggest fitness centers in Carson City. What separates us from the corporates is a relaxed, unintimidating & clean family atmosphere. Plus, we are the only gym in town that has a POOL!


1) How do I feel when I first walk in the gym? Is it intimidating, dark, no energy, or the wrong crowd for me? Are they going to be around in a year? How long have they been in business in Carson City?

2) Is it clean? Do I see employees cleaning the equipment​, bathrooms and floors or are they just sitting behind the front desk collecting your money?

​3) What are the prices? Ask yourself, " Why are they so cheap?" Are they cutting corners? Are they putting me at risk for contracting a virus or illness by insufficient cleaning or am I in danger of being injured by improper upkeep of equipment? On the other hand, " Why are they so expensive?" Am I paying for things that only other people are using? Am I paying for a key card because they don't want to have an employee on site? Is that even safe? 

4) Can I feel comfortable at this gym? Can I come here day after day and not feel like I am just someone they take money from? Or is it intimidating and after a few weeks I will stop coming? Will I feel like an outcast? If I am paying a long term contract, I better make sure?

5) What do they offer? Do they have trainers that care about me, not my money? Does the equipment suite MY needs? Do they offer, Kids Club, Classes, Saunas, Locker Rooms or even a Pool, or are they offering future empty promises?